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What is RemitRate?

RemitRate is a remittance rate aggregator or simply a comparison website for remittance rates offered by various money transfer services. Our goal is to provide a clear, unbiased and clutter free comparison of remittance rates for migrants across the globe.

What problem does RemitRate solve?

RemitRate finds you the best remittance rate available 'now'. Remittance market is highly competitive, keeping track of all available money transfer providers can be a tedious task. Because of this most people stick to one provider and never explore other options. RemitRate.com enable users to compare between all available option and choose the best rate for their hard earned money.

How to choose the best rate?

Just choose your from currency - to currency combination and see the comparison of all available options on RemitRate. Our comparison page shows below parameters for every listed provider,

  • Name & Link
  • Current offered rate
  • Rate type - Locked In or Indicative
  • Calculation - The amount you receive after sending 1000 of your chosen currency after applicable fees
  • Effective rate shown in calculation is the rate you actually get after paying fees.
  • Margin - is the % of current base market exchange rate
How the best rate is determined?

Banks actually do money transfer by a system named as SWIFT. Exchange rate or mid market exchnge rate is the rate offered by banks. Remittance providers usually offer rate less than exchange rate may charge some additional fee as well. RemitRate.com considers both factors for 1000 of source currency and compare it against bank exchange rate to calculate their current margin. Lesser the margin better the rate. Remittance provider with least margin is highlighted with green border on comparison page.

Are the rates shown here live?

Yes, remittance rates shown here are real and almost live. We do our best to keep the remittance rates displayed here as latest as possible. Remittance rates are variable and change many times during the day. there could be some delay updating them on remitrate.com as compared to provider's website.

What are the notifications?

Notifications are automated email notifications about remittance rates available today. Notifications are configurable and are sent every morning at a pre defined time. Please avail this feature and we will ensure you won't miss a great rate. We super cautious about sending emails and unsubscription needs just one click!

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Are you representing a remittance provider?

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