Send money to India from Japan

Quick Summary
Remittance rate-0.90% 0.6243
Total rates1
Mid market exchange rate 0.6243
**(Exchange Rates updated on : 3-21-2023 )
Value for money
Regular rate
¥10000 - ¥ 116 (fee) = ¥ 9884
effective rate after 1.15% margin is
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How to send money from the Japan to India at the best rate?

We have made it simple to find the best exchange rate by ordering available options by lowest margin! The margin is calculated by comparing the effective exchange rate with actual mid market exchange rate. What is effective exchange rate? It is not the 'offered rate', but the actual exchange rate you get after paying money transfer fee.

For sending money to India from Japan, RemitRate provides a detailed comparison between 1 available options.

The highest regular exchange rate available today is offered by TransferWise. The offered rate is 0.6243. After paying fee of ¥116 the effective exchange rate you get is is 0.6171 per Japanese Yen.

Which are best rated companies when sending money from Japan to India?

Here are top 3 highly rated money transfer companies sending money to India from Japan. They may or may not offer the best rates but they certainly have highest ratings among all available options. These ratings are powered by TrustPilot, the world's most powerful and trusted review platform. Click on the TrustPilot logo or other details to read reviews added by real users who have used services from these money transfer companies.